4957 Lakemont Blvd Se, Suite C5
Bellevue, Washington  98006
Phone: 425-746-0908
Fax: 815-346-3499




Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.




What our patients are saying...


"I love this place. Dr. Erika Tydor is very professional and explains things very well. The staffs are very friendly and answering the insurance coverage and good at helping you select the right frame." --- Wendy J., March 2014


"On my first EVER eye check-up, outside of physicals, Dr. Tydor was fantastic. She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The entire staff was very professional, and I definitely recommend them for your optical needs." --- Mark C., March 2014


"I have been to both the Lakemont and Klahanie offices and seen both Dr. Tydor and Dr. Erickson. Both times I have been extremely satisfied with the experience. The staff and the providers seem to enjoy what they do. They have an excellent selection of frames, from conservative to funky. Highly recommend!" --- Theresa W., February 2014


"Dr. Erika Tydor and the rest of the staff at Lakemont Eye Care were great. I highly recommend them and will surely return for my next exam. Dr. Tydor was very thorough and explained everything to me to where I fully understood everything. The office staff was very courteous and helped with selecting my new glasses while taking the time to ensure I received the best deal offered by my insurance coverage." --- Micheal B., February 2014


"Great staff, Michelle and Chris were awesome to work with to pick out my glasses too!" --- Mark P., January 2014


"Saturday appointments and close proximity to my home are great benefits. Friendly and knowledgable staff are also." --- Dennis H., January 2014


"The staff was very helpful and Dr. Tydor was very professional and knowledgeable!" --- Alex Y., January 2014


"Hi, I had an appointment with Erika Tydor (Lakemont Eye Care) last week. Treatment and courtesy of the clinic really awesome and I strongly refer to visit this clinic for Eye checkup." --- Ranjith Y., January 2014


"Dr.Erickson is wonderful! Excellent staff and every eye exam has been a breeze! I highly recommend Lakemont and Klahanie Eye Care." --- Aishwarya R., August 2013


"I've seen Dr. Tydor and I really liked her. The staff is also great. I was seen promptly, given a thorough exam and will surely come back when I'm due for another eye exam." --- Lucas P., August 2013


"I switched to Dr. Erickson this year and the contact lenses he prescribed work really well for me. I am very happy with the service." --- Pi-Yu C., June 2013


"Excellent service, convenient, knowledgable, and friendly staff, very good selection of glasses." --- Caron M., April 2013


"A couple of years ago, I got fed up with my vision provider because I had to do all the following up. They didn't return calls, didn't follow though on anything. I tried Lakemont Eye Care because it is close to where I live but the experience is exceptional. The staff are all very friendly and engaging. They explain what they are doing and why. They talk to you the whole time. And Dr. Erickson is hilarious. I laughed all the way through my exam. I've been twice now and I love that they are close, but this is the kind of service I wouldn't mind driving longer distances for." --- Mary M., April 2013


"It's been a long 4 years since I last had an eye exam. The last office I got my eyes checked at closed shop and my prescription was long gone. Lakemont was able to get me and my husband in on a Saturday with back to back appointments. There are two things I hate at the eye doctor: 1. Checking ocular pressures 2. dilating+numbing drops. The two times I have been to the eye doctor I hated it. They have to dilate your eyes so it looks like you have those huge anime looking pupils and then you get more eye drops to numb the eyeball so they can shove a huge blunt object on your cornea to check pressure. To hell with that. When you get an eye exam here they use mild eye drops which don't leave you looking all doe eyed and instead of that evil bastard eye pokey thing- they use puffs of air. I think my eyes returned to a mostly normal state after three or four hours. Not bad for someone who has super sensitive eyes. I also got offered some water or a diet soda if I desired while I waited. The eye exam went by quickly and they didn't waste and time getting the husband in right after I was done. Good selection of frames, but as with most small eye clinics...there is a turnaround on getting a new set of glasses. I almost forgot to mention, the doctor gave me some eye drops to use for my morning eye blurriness. They work great." --- D'Arcy W., April 2013


"Modern, clean office, online booking, and a really friendly staff. I really felt like I was listened to and that my eyes are in good hands there. I am so happy to have found Lakemont Eye Care & Dr. Erickson as my new eye doctor!" --- Joey B., June 2012


"I've been looking for an eye place ever since I got insurance, and this place just happened to be down the street and just happened to be in my network of providers! The whole staff is very inviting and were very accomodating. They got me right in, no wait at all. It was my first visit so I got all the stuff like pictures of my eyes (very bright flash) and of course my exam. When it was time to pick out glasses, Steven (I cant remember if it was Steve or Steven...oops) Was sooo friendly and helpful! He was very honest about which frames looked good and which ones didn't look very good. They were having a special on frames so I got a regular pair and a pair of Sunglasses. They also found the best way to save me on the out of pocket expenses. I wish I could see the optomotrist more than once a year." --- Stefanie H., May 2011